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Investigator's Guide to the UK

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Investigator’s Guide to: The United Kingdom

While the UK's first-ever deferred prosecution agreement and settlement under section 7 of the UK Bribery Act addresses some questions about the UK's enforcement regime, the debate on legal privilege rages on.

Other Highlights

Report edges UK towards tougher corporate crime laws

The UK is closer to adopting corporate criminal liability reforms after the Treasury Committee threw its weight behind a proposal from the UK Serious Fraud Office in a new report.

Tesco document disclosure ruling will make parties “think twice” about cooperating with SFO

A UK judge’s decision to force retailer Tesco to hand over documents in a civil case that it obtained from the SFO in a separate criminal matter may make third parties hesitate before voluntarily disclosing material to the authority, lawyers say.

US grand jury subpoenas don’t trump UK civil discovery rules, judge says

A UK judge has denied HP permission to hand documents obtained in civil litigation in England over to US authorities, despite the company’s claims that failure to do so means it can be held in contempt in the US.

Ex-Tesco exec acquitted of fraud and false accounting

Following the conclusion of the Tesco accounting fraud trial, the defendants' lawyers speak out about the “fundamental unfairness” of the DPA process.

UK SFO confiscates ill-gotten gains from Euribor trader

Former Barclays trader Philippe Moryoussef will have to pay £674,000 on top of an eight-year jail sentence he received earlier this year for manipulating the Euribor benchmark rate.

UK authorities are improving coordination on money laundering probes

A new economic crime centre created to improve coordination between UK authorities has already sped up the triaging of money laundering cases in its first year, says the UK National Crime Agency.

Money laundering crackdown has not reached the UK

The UK’s resource-strapped authorities aren’t equipped to tackle the vast swathe of money laundering cases that aren’t large enough to be handled by the UK Serious Fraud Office.

UK court clarifies scope of FRC’s access to privileged documents

Sports Direct has been ordered to provide the FRC with documents the sports equipment retailer claimed were privileged as part of the accounting regulator’s investigation into Grant Thornton.

UK Serious Fraud Office to look harder at money laundering

The new director of the SFO announced that the agency will ramp up its efforts to crack down on money laundering and attempt to speed up charging decisions against individuals.

NCA receives deluge of reports from UK lenders

Financial institutions identified close to one million suspicious transactions over the past year, approximately a third of which warranted reporting to the UK National Crime Agency.