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Investigator's Guide to Mexico

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The Investigator's Guide to Mexico

From self-reporting to legal privilege, Marieke Breijer looks at the perils and pitfalls of internal investigations in Mexico.

Other Highlights

Mexico’s due process progress results in money-laundering acquittal

Lawyers say a Mexican court decision, which dismissed money-laundering charges against an ex-union boss, marks a shift towards a more rigorous investigative prosecution culture in the country.

The slow progress of anti-corruption reforms in Mexico and Central America

Holland & Knight partner Emil Infante and associate Manuel Miranda consider the anti-corruption strategies of Mexico and several Central American countries and make a case for why the countries should establish independent bodies with investigative and prosecutorial powers.

Failure to cooperate led to Odebrecht’s “unfair” Mexico fine

Odebrecht’s claim that it deserved leniency from Mexico’s Ministry of Public Administration has fallen on deaf ears in a row over whether the company cooperated with investigators.

Mexico’s lawyers want anti-corruption-themed election

With Mexico’s presidential elections only three months away, Mexican investigations lawyers are looking to a new government to breathe life into country’s stagnant anti-corruption reforms.

Loans company aims to settle Mexican foreign bribery case quickly

Within months of opening an internal investigation into possible FCPA violations, consumer loans company World Acceptance Corporation is talking to US authorities about a resolution.

Mexico passes “crazy” transparency law

A last-minute amendment to Mexican anti-corruption legislation that will place onerous disclosure obligations on all government contractors is both impractical and amounts to an invasion of employee privacy, lawyers say.

Battling the rising cost of investigations

When a company is made aware of a potential Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violation, there is no predicting where an investigation will lead, or how much it will eventually cost. However, general counsel can take a number of steps to minimise the impact it will have on the company’s reputation and its budget.

Pemex case against HP could spur more RICO FCPA lawsuits

The Mexican state-owned company Pemex argues it was overcharged after two of its employees, who were allegedly bribed by US technology company HP, made it sign a US$6 million contract.

Mexico: at a crossroads

Mexico’s government is under increasing pressure to overhaul the country’s anti-corruption laws following widespread public protests.

Citigroup ordered to disclose compliance records

A Delaware magistrate has ordered Citigroup to give a pension fund, which is considering suing the bank, access to internal records relating to US$430 million of alleged fraudulent loans issued by the bank's Mexican subsidiary.