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Brazil National Congress urged to pass anti-corruption reforms

Brazilian lawyers hope that anti-corruption reform proposals supported by the country’s incoming justice minister will be approved by Congress three years after similar measures floated by prosecutors were blocked.

Brazil’s CGU hires DOJ’s former compliance consultant

News of the hire comes shortly after the CGU published what local lawyers say is a helpful guide on how the agency will evaluate company compliance programmes.

Brazil's investigations bar 2017

Since the launch of the Clean Companies Act, and the surge of Operation Car Wash, Brazilian firms have struggled to keep up with the demand for high-quality investigative teams. Roger Hamilton-Martin reports

Operation Car Wash has raised the bar in Latin America's fight against corruption, survey finds

The vast majority of Latin American professionals believe the region’s anti-corruption laws are ineffective, but Brazil serves as an example of how this can change, a survey by Miller & Chevalier has found.

Operation Zealots: not yet Car Wash

Prosecutors in Brasília face a number of challenges that keep Operation Zealots, a bribery and tax fraud investigation, from realising its full potential.

Operation Car Wash: Are conflicts ahead as lawyers clean up?

Suspects caught up in the ever widening Petrobras corruption investigation have been forced to hire lawyers already heavily involved in the case, raising ethical dilemmas and increasing the likelihood of conflicts.

Brazil’s leniency reforms spark confusion

New rules that sweeten leniency deals for companies in Brazilian corruption cases have caused widespread confusion and disagreement.

Brazil uses SBM Offshore charges to demand cooperation

Brazilian prosecutors have questioned how companies can claim privilege over the contents of internal interviews when lawyers have given interviewees Upjohn warnings.

Alstom and Siemens facing punishment in Brazilian cartel probe

Alstom, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Toshiba and four other electronics companies should be punished for participating in an international energy cartel, Brazil’s competition enforcer has said.

Norwegian oil companies dragged into Petrobras corruption probe

An increasing number of Norwegian oil services companies are becoming caught up in the corruption case involving Brazil’s state-controlled oil company Petrobras, as Brazilian authorities turn their attention to foreign businesses involved in the scandal.