Topic: Due process

DOJ completes disclosure exercise in Huawei sanctions case

12 May 2021

Swiss prosecutor kicked off investigation into Fifa president

A Swiss court has recused special prosecutor Stefan Keller from an investigation into Fifa president Gianni Infantino over posts the lawyer published on his personal website.

06 May 2021

Florida businessman challenges sentence in Venezuela sanctions case

Private jet company owner Victor Mones Coro will contest a 55-month prison sentence that he received after pleading guilty to making unlawful transactions under the Kingpin Act.

14 April 2021

US court to publish contempt ruling against CFTC

06 April 2021

The Bolloré case: Inconsistent justice is no justice at all

It’s time to address the need for holistic resolution to corporate crimes, Paul Hastings lawyers Jonathan Pickworth, Nicola Bonucci, Jo Dimmock and Vivian Fischer argue.

26 March 2021

Individual charged in Iranian sanctions case alleges FBI misconduct

A New York businessman charged with taking part in an alleged scheme to sell Iranian oil in China has accused the FBI of making false statements to obtain a warrant to illegally examine his electronic devices and denying him his rights during questioning.

25 March 2021

Huawei accountant testimony barred from CFO’s extradition trial

24 March 2021

Brazil’s Supreme Court rules Moro was biased in Lula bribery trial

Local experts say that the ruling, while historic, is unlikely to lead to the collapse of other Operation Car Wash-related convictions.

24 March 2021

Luokung lays out US allegations of links to Chinese military

The Beijing data processing technology company has disclosed the US’s basis for allegations it is tied to China’s military, shortly after fellow Chinese company Xiaomi won a rare reprieve from an investment ban based on similar allegations.

24 March 2021

Miami cruise line’s correspondence with lawyers targeted in Cuba trafficking lawsuit

The Havana Docks Corporation argues that parties who believe they’ve acted lawfully cannot claim attorney-client privilege over advice regarding the legality of their conduct.

23 March 2021

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