Topic: Data sharing

ICO publishes SEC data sharing guidance for UK companies

20 January 2021

Lenders in Sweden strengthen AML information-sharing initiative

A group of banks in Sweden have formalised an evidence-sharing agreement with Swedish police that is designed to improve the detection of economic crime.

19 January 2021

US authorities given additional powers to subpoena foreign banks

The recently passed US defence bill significantly increases the scope of banking records that the Justice and Treasury departments can demand from foreign banks.

07 January 2021

Google and Amazon given huge penalties in France over cookies issues

10 December 2020

ENRC asks to subpoena US publisher over Kleptopia book

02 December 2020

SFO and FCSC sign memorandum of understanding

19 November 2020

Ohio State University professor pleads guilty to lying about China links

13 November 2020

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