Topic: Data breach

LuxLeaks whistleblower loses at European Court of Human Rights

A former PwC employee who helped shed light on Luxembourg’s corporate tax arrangements has lost a European Court of Human Rights appeal against his sentence for professional secrecy breaches.

11 May 2021

Massachusetts AG to receive Facebook app investigation information

The highest Massachusetts state court has ordered Facebook to disclose information about its extensive internal investigation of third-party apps’ data misuse to prosecutors.

30 March 2021

US charges businessman with stealing GE semiconductor technology

01 March 2021

ENRC sues SFO and former case controller over alleged media leaks

The Kazakh mining company alleges that SFO officials broke statutory duties and internal policies by leaking confidential information about an ongoing corruption probe to the media with the aim of harming the company.

29 January 2021

Australian regulator suffers cyber attack

25 January 2021

Law firm loses privilege battle with Chinese billionaire over hack report

A hacked US law firm must hand over a consultancy’s investigation report into the breach to a client after a judge ruled it wasn’t protected by attorney-client privilege or work-product privilege.

18 January 2021

US court system investigating SolarWinds-linked cyber hack

08 January 2021

Google and Amazon given huge penalties in France over cookies issues

10 December 2020

ENRC loses attempt to strike out Gerrard’s harassment claims

A London court has allowed Dechert’s co-head of investigations, Neil Gerrard, to continue with a lawsuit against former client ENRC for allegedly harassing him.

27 November 2020

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