Topic: Corporate liability

UK parliament declines to vote on failure to prevent financial crime offence

14 January 2021

Argentina court keeps country’s enforcement efforts on track

A 2020 ruling by Argentina’s top criminal court reaffirming the constitutionality of its cooperating defendant law has prevented the derailment of the country’s biggest corruption case and the stifling of its financial crime enforcement.

12 January 2021

McKinsey to repay fees to more South African companies

10 December 2020

GIR Interactive: HMRC focusing on professional enablers

HMRC has approximately 200 criminal investigations into professional enablers on its books, a statistic that a senior agency official says illustrates their prominence in the proliferation of tax fraud.

08 December 2020

Vitol bribery settlement to aid Brazilian scrutiny of oil trading sector

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Brazil

Brazilian authorities say that evidence supplied by commodities trader Vitol as part of its recent bribery settlement will advance ongoing probes targeting other companies in the sector.

04 December 2020

Brazil sues Trafigura and top executives over Petrobras bribes

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Brazil

Brazilian prosecutors allege that two current Trafigura executives, including its chief operating officer, helped bribe Petrobras officials for lower prices on foreign oil trades.

01 December 2020

Companies in France face greater enforcement risk after successor liability U-turn

Featured in Investigator's Guide to France

Companies in France may now be held liable for illicit acts committed by their subsidiaries before they were acquired, following a landmark court decision.

27 November 2020

UK financial regulator examining more than a dozen banks over AML failures

Featured in Investigator's Guide to the UK

The UK Financial Conduct Authority is investigating over a dozen financial institutions for failing to put in place adequate safeguards to prevent the flow of illicit money.

10 November 2020

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