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Defence lawyers grappling with interview problems after Yates Memo

Companies must consider whether there is an ethical obligation to provide employees with legal representation in light of the DOJ’s refocus on individual liability, a Baker & McKenzie lawyer said on 2 May.

03 May 2016

Wells Fargo anti-bribery chief: pilot programme means 120 per cent cooperation required

Wells Fargo’s anti-bribery chief, who recently called on the DOJ to offer clearer guidance on how it evaluates corporate compliance programmes, has said businesses will need to ratchet up their internal controls as a result of the FCPA pilot programme.

29 April 2016

GIR Live London: disclosing first accounts could waive privilege, says Standard Bank QC

Lawyers for Standard Bank deliberately kept all references of witness interviews out of the internal investigation report presented to the SFO, Nicholas Purnell QC said at GIR Live London on Thursday.

29 April 2016

GIR Live London: FCA won't delegate investigations

The FCA will never view internal investigations as a substitute for its own inquiries, says the regulator’s director of investigations, Jamie Symington.

28 April 2016

Judge Rakoff: DOJ compliance requirements aren’t working

Federal judge Jed Rakoff clashed with Leslie Caldwell, the head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, over the effectiveness of remediation and compliance requirements placed on companies in corporate settlements.

08 April 2016

FCA’s director of investigations to speak at GIR Live London

The FCA's Jamie Symington will deliver the keynote at the second annual GIR Live London conference on 28 April, where participants will explore the seminal issues affecting UK investigations.

18 March 2016

Yates Memo has changed the dynamic of internal investigations

The DOJ’s pursuit of individual liability for corporate wrongdoing is causing the boards of non-US companies to think twice when deciding whether to self-disclose, the co-chair of Quinn Emanuel’s white-collar practice said at an ABA conference on 3 March.

07 March 2016

DOJ warns companies against recent declination tactic

The Justice Department is concerned that companies are at times trying to resolve foreign bribery cases with local authorities in other countries, rather than with DOJ prosecutors, to stave off enforcement action in the US.

07 March 2016

International cooperation at the heart of major DOJ cases

Leslie Caldwell says the Justice Department is increasingly relying on foreign prosecutors and authorities to help pursue FCPA cases that could never have been brought in the past.

04 March 2016

DOJ warns Yates Memo also applies to sanctions enforcement

David Laufman, chief of counterintelligence and export control at the National Security Division of the US Department of Justice, says the agency will soon release guidance on how companies should voluntarily disclose potential criminal violations.

04 March 2016

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