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SFO GC argues for extending “failure to prevent” offences

At the ABA White Collar Crime Institute in London, Alun Milford said he sees no rationale for the UK's selective approach to corporate liability for economic crimes.

11 October 2016

Mark Steward: FCA will not rely on internal investigation reports

The FCA’s head of enforcement said internal investigation reports are inherently tinged with conflicts of interest, at the American Bar Association’s Fifth London White Collar Crime Institute on 10 October

10 October 2016

Senior enforcer to speak at GIR Live Hong Kong

Join more than 70 in-house counsel from major banks and companies - including Deutsche Bank, Nomura and Shell - attending the second-annual GIR Live Hong Kong, where the city's senior assistant director of public prosecutions will give a keynote address.

30 September 2016

UK government criticised for conflicting export-control advice

The UK’s policy on the export of non-controlled goods to countries such as Saudi Arabia and China is mismatched and misaligned, says a Baker & McKenzie trade compliance partner.

29 September 2016

Bitkower: “We view compliance professionals as our allies”

DOJ prosecutors can turn to Hui Chen, the department’s new compliance counsel, to help them ask the right questions of compliance personnel, principal deputy assistant attorney general David Bitkower said at GIR Live New York.

20 September 2016

GIR Live NY: Handling data in investigations has become “wildly expensive”

The proliferation of electronic devices in the workplace means companies are finding it very challenging to reduce the cost of reviewing and analysing data during internal inquiries, says Joe Warin.

19 September 2016

GIR Live NY: SFO’s Ben Morgan gives UK investigations bar a top grade

Following “considerable debate” among SFO staff, the agency has given private practice investigations lawyers an A- grade for their work representing companies and individuals during top-tier white-collar cases.

15 September 2016

GIR Live London: the most important developments of the past year

A full transcript of a symposium-style session at GIR Live London in April 2016, where panellists and the audience discussed recent developments with the biggest impact on the practice of international investigations.

11 August 2016

SEC director: Brexit unlikely to change investigations

The associate director of the SEC’s division of enforcement, Scott Friestad, has said the UK’s 23 June vote to leave the EU probably won't affect the way the agency conducts its investigations.

28 June 2016

IBA Paris: panellists clash on whistleblower rewards

Hans-Joachim Eckert, the chair of Fifa’s ethics committee and a former prosecutor, says whistleblowers should not be financially rewarded for exposing corruption.

17 June 2016

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