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Lisa Osofsky: “Tell us something we don’t know”

The director of the UK SFO has said that the authority is exploring whether to provide companies with guidance on what cooperation actually means in a keynote speech in which she also highlighted what companies must do to obtain a DPA.

08 November 2018

GIR Live Frankfurt: In-house counsel stuck between a rock and a hard place

Panellists said that the Jones Day ruling can result in in-house counsel being treated as an extension of the long hand of the law, and can cause lower quality internal investigations.

07 November 2018

Hong Kong’s financial regulator diverts attention from banks

Featured in Investigator’s Guide to Hong Kong

Banks’ fear of Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission has faded over recent years as the authority has shifted its focus away from financial institutions, according to a former SFC executive director of enforcement.

02 November 2018

GIR Live DC: GDPR has US lawyers scratching their heads

The EU’s GDPR has created challenges for in-house and external counsel when deciding when and how to disclose potential wrongdoing to US authorities, an audience at a conference on 25 October heard.

01 November 2018

1MBD case could breed a “hydra” of investigations

Investigations stemming from billions of dollars allegedly stolen from Malaysia’s development fund 1MDB could consume authorities in Asia, the UK, US and the Middle East for years to come, lawyers predict.

30 October 2018

DOJ bank integrity unit chief: Tips are invaluable

The chief of the DOJ’s bank integrity unit has urged companies and financial institutions to consider calling the authority as soon as they discover evidence of potential wrongdoing.

29 October 2018

GIR Awards - in pictures

A selection of photos from GIR’s fourth-annual award ceremony on 26 October, held at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. The profits from the event will support the Swawou Layout Girl’s School in Kenema, Sierra Leone.

29 October 2018

Argentina notebook probe could be the next Operation Car Wash

Latin American lawyers have predicted that a current case in Argentina has the potential to grow to resemble Brazil’s most famous investigation.

24 October 2018

Brazilian lawyers: “We are living in a land of uncertainty”

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Brazil

Officials from Brazil’s AGU and CGU reassured lawyers at a conference on 18 October that they are working hard to improve cooperation and coordination between authorities to provide companies with clarity on what to expect after self-reporting.

19 October 2018

Criminal division deputy: Petrobras settlement shows commitment to 'piling on' policy

The principal deputy of the DOJ’s criminal division has said that the recent Petrobras settlement is a sign of the DOJ’s commitment to reducing “piling on” in a keynote speech in which he also highlighted the importance of transparency.

18 October 2018

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