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GIR Live New York: sanctions and the importance of early self-disclosure

Featured in Investigator's Guide to New York

Companies must report sanctions violations to the DOJ as soon as possible to allow the authority to go after individuals, the chief of the Justice Department's asset and money-laundering section has said.

15 September 2017

GIR Live New York: only a week to go

The art of simultaneously investigating and responding to cyber attacks and the shifting sands of trade sanctions will be on the agenda at next week's GIR Live New York.

07 September 2017

Views from in-house: how to investigate and prevent bribery

Featured in In-house

Companies need clear procedures for internal investigations so in-house counsels can protect employees from unnecessary exposure to litigation, according to the general counsel of American International Group Peter Solmssen.

19 June 2017

SFO director: significant charging decisions are imminent

The director of the UK Serious Fraud Office said the agency is continuing with open investigations and aggressive enforcement despite uncertainty over its future.

13 June 2017

Right against self incrimination not a valid excuse to refuse cooperation in World Bank investigations

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Companies that refuse to cooperate with the World Bank's investigative team can no longer claim the right against self-incrimination, a senior investigator for the group has said.

09 June 2017

View from the bench: US federal judge speaks out on risks for white-collar lawyers

A US federal judge has a warning for white-collar lawyers defending individual clients: don’t get too close, or you could end up in trouble.

08 June 2017

Juniper Networks compliance chief: I hope DOJ "preserves in-house perspective"

Featured in In-house

Adding compliance expert Hui Chen to the fraud section has brought about "profound positive change," the chief compliance officer for Juniper Networks has said.

02 June 2017

GIR Live: Assume you're being watched

Panellists at GIR Live San Francisco said a lack of foresight on internal investigations can cause major headaches - especially when the evidence you need is in a country that doesn't recognise or respect privilege.

30 May 2017

GIR Live: Petrobras prosecutor warns of conflicts of interest at Brazilian government agencies

A federal prosecutor at the heart of Operation Car Wash told GIR Live San Francisco that Brazilian government agencies may be trying to actively block settlements that expose corruption among politicians.

23 May 2017

Multinationals failing to report misconduct to us, warns Brazilian prosecutor

Some multinationals are incorrectly deciding not to self-report possible bribery to Brazilian authorities just because the conduct predates the country's 2014 anti-corruption law, a local prosecutor has warned.

23 May 2017

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