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GIR Live London: Lawyers criticise UK plans to expand corporate criminal liability

Panellists at GIR Live London said there is no rationale for extending corporate criminal liability to all economic offences.

05 May 2017

GIR Live San Francisco: three weeks to go

With the rollback of Dodd-Frank on the agenda, what’s next for antitrust, FCPA and white-collar enforcement under the Trump administration? How can lawyers navigate the maze of legal privilege and privacy laws underpinning corporate investigations today? Find out at GIR Live's first West Coast conference on 22 May.

03 May 2017

GIR Live London - in pictures

Photos from the third annual GIR Live London, held on 27 April.

28 April 2017

GIR Live: Corporate DPAs throw spotlight on prosecutions of individuals

UK deferred prosecution agreements could put individuals' rights to a fair trial at risk, investigations lawyers said atGIR's third annual conference in London.

27 April 2017

Stokes: Informal information sharing is how cases are made

Patrick Stokes, a former head of the fraud section’s FCPA unit, said many cases US authorities bring are built on the significant rise in informal cooperation between foreign enforcers.

25 April 2017

Beneficial ownership under the spotlight in DOJ investigations

US enforcers will take a “very hard look” at financial institutions’ compliance with a Treasury Department customer due diligence rule in future investigations, says the DOJ’s acting criminal division chief.

13 March 2017

ZTE used lawyers as “a mouthpiece to lie”

The US Commerce Department's decision to bar ZTE from accessing the US market was a turning point in the investigation of the Chinese company, which had consistently provided false information to its external counsel and to government investigators in earlier stages of the probe, a US official says.

09 March 2017

DOJ Criminal Division deputy: we’re good at cross-pollinating across sections

If a section within the DOJ's criminal division issues new guidance, it applies to the entire division, the acting deputy chief for the division said.

09 March 2017

GIR Live DC: data leaks and the DOJ pilot programme

Companies may be able to qualify for credit under the DOJ’s one-year pilot programme, even if they do not voluntary self-disclose wrongdoing to the authority, said panellists at GIR’s second annual Washington, DC conference.

21 February 2017

GIR Live DC: UK/US conflicts, deleting documents and handling stolen information

Rebecca Rohr, the former second-in-command in the DOJ’s fraud section, says the SFO and DOJ often have conflicts over which authority will take the lead in an investigation.

17 February 2017

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