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SFO director “grown up enough” to make Airbus charging decision

A leading UK lawyer has said SFO directors should be given autonomy to make decisions on whether to charge companies with corruption predating the UK Bribery Act.

05 April 2019

UK SAR reform “a bit like Brexit”

Current proposals to reform how suspicious activity reports are filed in the UK lack coherence and “may be worse than the original illness”, the former head of anti-money laundering and sanctions at Allied Irish Bank has said.

05 April 2019

Mark Steward: “Speed is not the only measure of success”

At GIR Live London, the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s head of enforcement and market oversight has said that he is “not concerned” with the agency’s record-breaking caseload that has grown rapidly since his appointment.

04 April 2019

Money laundering crackdown has not reached the UK

Featured in Investigator's Guide to the UK

The UK’s resource-strapped authorities aren’t equipped to tackle the vast swathe of money laundering cases that aren’t large enough to be handled by the UK Serious Fraud Office.

11 December 2018

SFO refuses to issue Bribery Act compliance guidance

Lawyers at GIR Live in London lamented the lack of guidance from the SFO on the Bribery Act, seven years after the legislation came into force.

10 December 2018

Waiving privilege shows willingness to cooperate, SFO official says

The SFO’s joint head of bribery and corruption said that companies that want to receive cooperation credit should strongly consider waiving privilege over factual accounts.

06 December 2018

GIR Live Zurich: Cross-border investigations and witness interviews

Lawyers at GIR’s inaugural conference in Zurich discussed the common pitfalls in conducting internal investigations, such as failing to secure evidence at the start of a probe.

23 November 2018

GIR Live Zurich: Swiss Attorney General calls for DPAs

Featured in Investigator’s Guide to Switzerland

Michael Lauber said DPAs are the best tool to tackle economic crimes cases instead of a controversial settlement tool used by Geneva prosecutors, which his office stopped using years ago.

21 November 2018

Lisa Osofsky: “Tell us something we don’t know”

The director of the UK SFO has said that the authority is exploring whether to provide companies with guidance on what cooperation actually means in a keynote speech in which she also highlighted what companies must do to obtain a DPA.

08 November 2018

GIR Live Frankfurt: In-house counsel stuck between a rock and a hard place

Panellists said that the Jones Day ruling can result in in-house counsel being treated as an extension of the long hand of the law, and can cause lower quality internal investigations.

07 November 2018

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