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World Bank official: SMEs are mentoring one another

Small and medium-sized enterprises that have been through World Bank investigations are successfully helping other businesses comply with Bank rules, the organisation’s vice president for integrity told an OECD conference in Paris.

14 December 2017

Siemens compliance officer calls for global self-reporting framework

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A global self-reporting framework for international companies would be a “real game-changer” that could bring many cases of foreign bribery to light, Siemens lawyer Klaus Moosmayer told an OECD conference in Paris.

13 December 2017

German prosecutor: lawyers should “establish a level of trust” with authorities

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A German prosecutor has said the “most important thing” for lawyers to do when his office opens a criminal corruption investigation is for a company to start building a relationship with investigators.

20 November 2017

Hui Chen: a compliance officer’s role “bears repeating”

The DOJ’s former compliance counsel, Hui Chen, said at a London conference that clarifying the purpose of a compliance officer can fuel a positive business culture.

17 November 2017

GIR Live: German lawyers decry ENRC judgment

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German lawyers have voiced their frustration over the UK’s recent ENRC privilege ruling, with one describing it as a “bad case based on bad facts”.

16 November 2017

SFO head: it’s better to “grow our own” investigators

The director of the UK’s Serious Fraud Office, David Green, said at a London conference that training their own investigators is preferable to recruiting those from other authorities.

16 November 2017

GIR Live: In-house counsel have a target on their back

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Lawyers say that the increased focus of UK enforcement agencies on individuals means that in-house counsel and compliance officers are more often in the crosshairs of investigations.

06 November 2017

Brazilian prosecutor: “We are part of the problem”

Speaking in São Paulo on 1 November, senior Brazilian prosecutor Vladimir Aras addressed the difficulty of coordinating with national counterparts when negotiating leniency deals and the need for legal reform.

02 November 2017

SFO to enforce foreign angle of failure to prevent tax evasion

The UK Serious Fraud Office director David Green has been active on the London conference circuit this week, appearing at a Trace International conference on 2 November after speaking at GIR Live London on 31 October.

02 November 2017

SFO director: We don't do guidance

David Green told GIR Live London that, unlike US enforcement agencies, the SFO won’t issue guidance on how to self-report – despite the agency's dim view of internal investigations.

01 November 2017

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