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Ex-DOJ prosecutor: companies should fight for privilege

Former FCPA Unit assistant chief Jason Jones says that companies should fight harder to protect privileged information from US authorities that has been compelled in other jurisdictions.

11 October 2017

Telia used DOJ guidelines to avoid compliance monitor

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The former chief ethics and compliance counsel of Swedish telecoms company Telia has revealed details of the compliance programme that helped the company avoid the imposition of an independent monitor in its recent US$965 million trilateral settlement.

10 October 2017

UK whistleblowers lured by US financial incentives

US whistleblower hotlines receive more calls from the UK than any other country outside of the US, according to deputy assistant attorney general of the US Department of Justice’s criminal division Trevor McFadden.

10 October 2017

GIR Live New York: law enforcement is a company's "best hope" after a cyber attack

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Companies that report cyber breaches to the DOJ benefit from getting the full weight of the US government behind them to help deal with the threat, panellists heard at GIR's fourth annual conference in New York.

18 September 2017

GIR Live New York - in pictures

An impression of GIR Live New York, held on 14 September.

18 September 2017

DOJ 'deconfliction' requests creating tension

The DOJ increasingly wants companies to delay interviewing employees involved in possible misconduct. Defence lawyers say that creates problems.

15 September 2017

GIR Live New York: sanctions and the importance of early self-disclosure

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Companies must report sanctions violations to the DOJ as soon as possible to allow the authority to go after individuals, the chief of the Justice Department's asset and money-laundering section has said.

15 September 2017

GIR Live New York: only a week to go

The art of simultaneously investigating and responding to cyber attacks and the shifting sands of trade sanctions will be on the agenda at next week's GIR Live New York.

07 September 2017

Views from in-house: how to investigate and prevent bribery

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Companies need clear procedures for internal investigations so in-house counsels can protect employees from unnecessary exposure to litigation, according to the general counsel of American International Group Peter Solmssen.

19 June 2017

SFO director: significant charging decisions are imminent

The director of the UK Serious Fraud Office said the agency is continuing with open investigations and aggressive enforcement despite uncertainty over its future.

13 June 2017

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