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GIR Awards - in pictures

A selection of photos from GIR’s fourth-annual award ceremony on 26 October, held at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. The profits from the event will support the Swawou Layout Girl’s School in Kenema, Sierra Leone.

29 October 2018

Argentina notebook probe could be the next Operation Car Wash

Latin American lawyers have predicted that a current case in Argentina has the potential to grow to resemble Brazil’s most famous investigation.

24 October 2018

Brazilian lawyers: “We are living in a land of uncertainty”

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Brazil

Officials from Brazil’s AGU and CGU reassured lawyers at a conference on 18 October that they are working hard to improve cooperation and coordination between authorities to provide companies with clarity on what to expect after self-reporting.

19 October 2018

Criminal division deputy: Petrobras settlement shows commitment to 'piling on' policy

The principal deputy of the DOJ’s criminal division has said that the recent Petrobras settlement is a sign of the DOJ’s commitment to reducing “piling on” in a keynote speech in which he also highlighted the importance of transparency.

18 October 2018

Sally Yates: DOJ’s changed approach to civil cases “hasn’t gotten a lot of attention”

Former US deputy attorney General Sally Yates has said that the DOJ’s approach to civil enforcement against individuals is the least spoken about aspect of the influential memo that bears her name.

09 October 2018

UK Serious Fraud Office to look harder at money laundering

Featured in Investigator's Guide to the UK

The new director of the SFO announced that the agency will ramp up its efforts to crack down on money laundering and attempt to speed up charging decisions against individuals.

08 October 2018

SDNY deputy: “Credibility is very, very important”

Robert Khuzami, the deputy US attorney for the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, gave advice to lawyers at a conference about how to present their client’s case to Manhattan prosecutors.

03 October 2018

Corporate clients will not sway #MeToo investigations, lawyers say

At GIR Live New York on 27 September, lawyers teased out the nuances of what it means to conduct an independent probe when you’re being paid by a company to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct.

01 October 2018

Flotron lawyer: DOJ “couldn’t get their hands around where the crime was”

Featured in Investigator's Guide to New York

The Justice Department’s case against a trader accused of spoofing fell apart because prosecutors failed to identify the crime amid a sea of data, the trader’s lawyer said at GIR Live New York on Thursday.

28 September 2018

GIR Awards 2018 – Enforcement Agency or Prosecutor of the Year

GIR announces the nominees for the most impressive enforcement agency or prosecutor of the year.

26 September 2018

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