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David Last: cooperation credit awards are subjective

Earning cooperation credit in white-collar crime investigations isn’t a matter of checking a number of boxes, the head of the FCPA unit said.

10 March 2023

DOJ official: avoid “hostage notes” in resolution negotiations

The Fraud Section's second-in-command Lorinda Laryea recently emphasised the importance of dialogue between companies and prosecutors ahead of meetings to negotiate potential corporate resolutions.

10 March 2023

Criminal Division rolls out guidance on compensation clawbacks

Assistant attorney general Kenneth Polite on Friday outlined new DOJ policies concerning compensation clawbacks, third-party messaging platforms, and monitorships.

03 March 2023

DOJ, Commerce, Treasury roll out first joint national security guidance

The new compliance note warns companies to be particularly weary of purchases routed through countries or “transshipment points” that are commonly used in schemes to violate Russia and Belarus sanctions.

02 March 2023

DOJ to shake up National Security Division enforcement approach

“National security risk should be vaulting up the corporate compliance risk chart because it's going to be more and more the subject of attention from the Department of Justice,” a senior DOJ official said.

01 March 2023

SEC to push diversity in hiring

“We can only better serve investors across this country when we reflect those investors,” the agency’s enforcement director, Gurbir Grewal, said.

01 March 2023

“More regulation” needed to stop lawyers from being professional enablers

A UK anti-corruption expert has suggested lawyers should be limited from putting client interests over moral concerns through stricter rules and harsher penalties for non-compliance.

06 December 2022

SFO head of policy: failure to prevent bribery offence a “humongous success”

Speaking at a GIR conference on Thursday, Chloe Wootton hailed the agency’s triumphs in prosecuting companies for breaches of section 7 of the Bribery Act while making a case for a failure to prevent fraud offence.

05 December 2022

Airbus export control head: diversion of parts to Russia is company’s “biggest worry”

Featured in In-house

Speaking at a GIR Live conference in London on Thursday, Lesley Davey outlined the company’s response to sanctions on Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

01 December 2022

Lisa Osofsky: non-cooperating companies won’t get DPAs

The head of the UK’s anti-fraud office said at a conference in New York that the agency considers prosecution as the only option for companies that fail to engage during an investigation, singling out Petrofac and GPT as recent examples.

29 November 2022

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