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U.S. Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Joins Chorus Pushing For Overhaul in SEC Enforcement Practices

27 October 2015

The Chamber Report is only one of a chorus of voices criticizing the SEC‘s enforcement practices, and certain of the SEC‘s actions in the last few months suggest that it has begun to heed these calls for reform.

U.S. Chamber Will Lobby Congress for Changes to SEC's In-House Tribunal

15 July 2015

The nation's largest business advocacy organization issued a report today to bolster its argument that the SEC's shifting of more cases from federal court to its own administrative law judges raises "serious fairness issues."

No Ambiguity in Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Provision, U.S. Chamber Says

08 June 2015

The business advocacy group has filed an amicus brief in the appeal of Daniel Berman, warning that deference to the SEC's interpretation of whistleblower under the Dodd-Frank Act would "deeply undermine" the intent of the law's anti-retaliation provision.

In Pushing for FCPA Penalties to Fund NGOs, Activists Raise Alarm Bells inside Business Lobby

01 June 2015

While the notion of using corruption-related penalties to benefit the indirect victims of foreign bribery may be well intentioned, business advocates say that it slams into a hard constitutional barrier: Only Congress has the power to appropriate federal funds.

U.S. Chamber Report Criticizes Use of Enforcement Proceeds

16 April 2015

While predictable fare from the business group, the public relations challenge that the issue poses is one of rising concern to federal law enforcers. Several agencies also quarreled with the report's facts.

FCPA Prosecuting Experience, Once a Stop in a Public Service Career, Is Now Springboard to the Private Sector

19 March 2015

Criminal Division Fraud Section organizational charts analyzed by Just Anti-Corruption from 2005 to the present show starkly divergent career paths for former FCPA unit prosecutors before and after Mark Mendelsohn jumped to Paul Weiss in 2010. While not a surprise, what's striking is how completely the numbers have flipped.

Sen. Cruz Grills Loretta Lynch on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

10 February 2015

Among seven pages of written "questions for the record," the Texas Republican broached a new idea: Don't enforce the FCPA if a violation occurred in a country with its own anti-corruption laws.

DOJ's Incoming Criminal Fraud Section Chief Worked with Business Lobby for FCPA Reform

09 January 2015

Andrew Weissman worked with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 2010 on a campaign to encourage changes to the 1977 foreign anti-bribery law that critics argued would weaken it. Now, he will oversee FCPA enforcement.

Andrew Weissmann, Veteran of Enron Task Force, Will Lead Justice Department Corporate Crime Efforts

09 January 2015

Weissmann worked alongside Criminal Division chief Leslie Caldwell on the last decade's most notorious corporate crime prosecutions. He was most recently in government as the FBI general counsel.

Business Groups Press Challenge Over SEC Conflict-Minerals Rule

05 January 2015

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other groups filed a brief telling the appeals court that the federal conflict-minerals rule would force companies to make a "non-factual and controversial" statement.

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