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Inside In-House 2019

GIR’s second edition of Inside In-house profiles 15 individuals working at some of the biggest companies across the globe, in recognition of their efforts to create and promote ethical corporate practice.

Why separate internal investigators from in-house lawyers?

Why separate internal investigators from in-house lawyers?

June 04, 2014, GIR

As Barclays is set to create a global financial crime unit reporting to its legal department, GIR takes a look at why companies increasingly keep compliance and investigations teams separate from traditional in-house legal departments.

SEC Unlikely To Require In-House Reporting Under Whistleblower Law

December 20, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The agency isn't likely to give in to corporate lobbying on this key point in the proposed whistleblower rules - it's seen too many ineffective corporate compliance programs, current and former SEC lawyers told us.