Topic: Bribery

Italian prosecutors appeal against Shell and Eni corruption acquittals

29 July 2021

Former SFO official admits being “a little naïve” about dealings with Dechert lawyer

The Serious Fraud Office’s former interim director has told a London court that he was “a little naïve” about his interactions with a lawyer representing the Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation, as he was looking into potential corruption by the mining company.

28 July 2021

GE agrees $27m bribery-related plea bargain in Slovenia

27 July 2021

Ex-SFO investigator denies sharing secrets with ENRC’s lawyer

A former Serious Fraud Office official has rejected allegations that he and a senior Dechert partner acting for Eurasian mining company ENRC shared confidential information about their work during secret meetings.

21 July 2021

CEOs of major Costa Rican construction companies detained in corruption case

20 July 2021

Two UK companies settle bribery allegations

The case marks the first time that the SFO has agreed more than one DPA from a single investigation.

20 July 2021

Ex-SFO official rejects dereliction of duty accusations

A former Serious Fraud Office investigator has denied allegations that he failed to make proper records of his contact with Neil Gerrard while the lawyer acted for Eurasian miner ENRC in a bribery probe.

20 July 2021

DOJ eyes new partners in fight against global corruption

As anti-corruption enforcement evolves, more foreign agencies are teaming up with US authorities. “South Africa is, really, the new Brazil,” said one leading corporate defence lawyer about the African country's anti-bribery efforts.

19 July 2021

Ex-SFO GC: former director “was not having corrupt transactions with lawyers”

The anti-fraud office’s former general counsel told a London court that while he had “structural” criticisms of how Richard Alderman had run the SFO, he did not believe the former director had thrashed out personal deals during off-the-record meetings.

19 July 2021

Dutch court throws out prosecution of KPMG accountants in corruption case

16 July 2021

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