Stephanie Yonekura

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Stephanie brings a unique perspective to any internal investigation. Having served as the Acting US Attorney in Los Angeles, she knows the hot-button issues that are considered in every stage of any government investigation.As the Acting US Attorney of the largest office outside of Washington, DC, Stephanie was an active participant in the larger Department of Justice community, serving on nationwide committees on white-collar fraud, cybercrime and intellectual property. Stephanie interacted with corporations when they were under investigation as well as when they were victims of crimes.Stephanie worked with the FBI, SEC, IRS, CFTC and various inspectors general as a prosecutor for more than 14 years, on issues including financial institution fraud, government fraud, securities fraud and cybercrime. She developed a strong reputation with the court, defence counsel and investigating agencies for digging into the facts and collaborating with law enforcement agencies and victims. She was also known for her ability to streamline investigations and make fair and equitable charging and sentencing decisions. In the courtroom, Stephanie exudes confidence, knowledge and integrity.In private practice, Stephanie uses her extensive experience in the trenches, in the courtroom and as the chief law enforcement officer in Los Angeles to help clients understand the key issues and investigate matters strategically.Some of Stephanie’s experience includes: overseeing the investigation of the hacking of one of the world’s largest entertainment companies reportedly by a foreign government; andsupervising a residential mortgage-backed securities investigation into a major financial institution.

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