Peter Jaffe

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Peter is special counsel in the Washington, DC office of Freshfields. He advises clients on complex privacy, cybersecurity and disputes matters. He guides his clients through privacy compliance efforts, negotiates corporate transactions in data-heavy tech companies, and leads clients through the response to cybersecurity incidents. His experience spans the full range of US private-sector privacy and security laws (eg, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, COPPA, FTC Act section 5, ECPA, NY SHIELD, emerging state privacy laws) and also advises private companies on the impact to their businesses of public-sector privacy laws (eg, the SCA/CLOUD Act). Where needed, he works with his colleagues across the Freshfields network to provide coordinated global advice on compliance with key laws such as GDPR and the e-Commerce Directive. He also advises on a variety of US laws bearing on internet businesses and e-commerce such as CDA section 230, e-SIGN Act, and the UCC article 4A. His clients include leading tech companies, hotels and travel agents, carmakers, financial institutions, investors and multinational companies.

Clients rely not only on Peter's application of law to technology, but also on his application of technology to law. For example, Peter develops custom databases or writes code to solve complex litigation problems, such as tracking a company's remedial efforts mandated by US law, analysing data on tens of thousands of securities and dozens of litigants in mortgage-backed securities litigation, and mapping payment flows across thousands of transactions in a money-laundering investigation.

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