Jenna Voss

Jenna Voss

Partner, Forensic Risk Alliance
[email protected]

Jenna Voss is a partner at FRA with extensive experience in conductingforensic consulting, investigative and monitorship assignments across multipleindustries. She leads teams in performing multi-jurisdictional investigations,advising on anti-corruption and anti-money laundering matters, providingaccounting expertise on litigation matters, and devising innovative solutions toguide clients through difficult situations. Jenna has led high-profile forensicassignments globally, and has significant experience in the Americas, includingin the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil and Canada.

Jenna recently led a team in performing a multi-year assessment of a Europeanengineering company as part of a DOJ monitorship into environmental fraudconcerns. She also recently led a global team in performing a multi-year forensicassessment at the direction of the monitor of a Brazilian-based companythat engaged in misconduct related to bribery and corruption and oversaw acomplex investigative review of inventory and intercompany transactions for amanufacturing company.

Previously, Jenna supported the Mexico operations of a biomedical devices client in enhancing its anti-corruption compliance programme while under a multi-year monitorship. Jenna also has experience conducting whistleblower investigations, leading anti-money laundering assessments, performing accounting and anti-corruption due diligence, building complex financial models and advising financially troubled companies in bankruptcy and restructuring situations.

She is a certified public accountant, certified fraud examiner, certified antimoney laundering specialist and certified in financial forensics and holds master’s degrees in business administration and accounting.

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