Iñigo Quintana

Iñigo Quintana

Partner, Cuatrecasas
[email protected]

He focuses his practice on international dispute resolution through litigation or arbitration, in financial matters, sale of companies and assets, engineering and construction, insurance and reinsurance, sale of merchandise and capital goods, transport and maritime law. In recent years, he has advised on numerous quantifications of damages in disputes related to construction projects and company sales.

He has acted as a lawyer or arbitrator before the CAS, the CCI, the LCIA, the LMAA, the CIAC and in ad hoc international arbitrations .

He has also acted as a lawyer or directed legal claims before the French, Finnish, Chilean and Egyptian courts. Due to his command of the English language and his knowledge of comparative law, he often directs disputes in which the command of that language or knowledge of foreign law is necessary.

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