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Thomas  Voppichler

Thomas Voppichler

Thomas Voppichler is a counsel at KNOETZL. His practice is focused on business crime matters, asset recovery and international litigation.

An expert in all areas of white-collar crime, Thomas delivers an effective experience to clients through high-profile criminal proceedings, especially in aggressive pursuit of injured parties’ recovery of damages suffered through embezzlement, fraud and bribery.

Thomas has extensive experience in conducting internal and external corporate investigations, essential both for revealing internal misconduct and enhancing compliance, and for gathering evidence and preparing for criminal and civil enforcement claims for injured companies.

Thomas also routinely acts as defence counsel in cases involving corporate and business crimes, and handles mission-critical cases for national and international clients. Thomas also maintains significant, active and current expertise in asset tracing and recovery techniques, applied successfully in a wide array of jurisdictions.

With many years of experience in high-profile, complex litigation, Thomas is frequently active as legal counsel to international corporates. In those disputes, mostly concerning the banking, insurance, construction and corporate sectors, clients gain advantage from Thomas’s extensive knowledge and experience in proceedings with interim measures, large amounts at stake, and time-sensitive missions.