Second Circuit denies Halbank’s challenge to US sanctions case

A US federal appeals court has said the Turkish state financial institution is not immune from prosecution for sanctions violations.

France to consider tough anti-corruption reforms

A French politician has proposed wide-ranging changes to the country’s anti-corruption apparatus including making companies liable for failing to prevent crimes.

Honeywell says bribery settlement will cost at least $160 million

The conglomerate has been in bribery settlement negotiations with US and Brazilian authorities.

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ABB compliance officer: individual responsibility central to new strategy

Tapan Debnath, who joined ABB from Nokia in August, explains the company’s new approach to compliance and how it puts individual behaviour and responsibility front and centre.

John Carlin on stepping up DOJ corporate enforcement

A free-to-view transcript of principal associate deputy attorney general John Carlin’s keynote speech at GIR Connect: New York, in which he discussed the DOJ’s decision to “surge resources” to corporate enforcement.

People News: recent White House nominations and in-house moves

Over the past few weeks, President Joe Biden announced plans to appoint a serving national security prosecutor as a top export control official, and Credit Suisse’s latest compliance head left after just …

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