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Electronic Data Systems Corporation - Summary of Law Enforcement Action

September 26, 2007, Just Anti-Corruption

On September 25, 2007, the SEC filed settled civil and administrative actions against Chandramowli Srinivasan and the Electronic Data Systems Corporation, alleging that the company's former Indian subsidiary, A.T. Kearney Ltd., made at least $720,000 in illicit payments to high-level employees of two Indian state-owned enterprises in order to retain its business with those enterprises.

Bristow Group Inc. - Summary of Law Enforcement Action

September 14, 2007, Just Anti-Corruption

On September 26, 2007, the SEC instituted administrative proceedings against Bristow Group Inc., a Houston-based and New York Stock Exchange-listed helicopter transportation services and oil and gas production facilities operation company, for violations of the FCPA in Nigeria.

Nabors Industries Opens Internal Probe

August 04, 2007, Just Anti-Corruption

The Aug. 4, 2007 article by Brett Clanton is titled, "Nabors checks vendor in wake of federal probe."

Delta Pine & Land Company - Summary of Law Enforcement Action

July 22, 2007, Just Anti-Corruption

In July 2007, the SEC filed settled civil and administrative actions against Delta & Pine Land Company, a Scott, Mississippi-based company engaged in the production and marketing of cottonseed, and its subsidiary, Turk Deltapine, Inc. (Turk Deltapine), charging them with violations of the anti-bribery, internal controls, and books and records provisions of the FCPA.

Baker Hughes Incorporated - Summary of Law Enforcement Action

April 26, 2007, Just Anti-Corruption

In April 2007, Baker Hughes Services International, and its parent company Baker Hughes Incorporated, were charged in separate criminal informations filed in the Southern District of Texas, in connection with a scheme to pay bribes to Kazakh government officials from 2001 through 2003.

Monsanto Company - Summary of Law Enforcement Action

March 26, 2007, Just Anti-Corruption

Monsanto, a producer of various agricultural products, hired an Indonesian consulting company to send improper payments to various Indonesian governmental seeking approvals and licenses necessary to sell its genetically modified products in Indonesia.

Dow Chemical Company - Summary of Law Enforcement Action

February 13, 2007, Just Anti-Corruption

DE-Nocil, a subsidiary of Dow, made approximately $200,000 in improper payments to Indian government officials, including $39,700 to an official in India's Central Insecticides Board to expedite the registration of three DE-Nocil products.

Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. - Summary of Law Enforcement Action

October 26, 2006, Just Anti-Corruption

On October 10, 2006, SSI International Far East Ltd. (SSI Korea), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc. (SSI), was charged with conspiracy, bribery in violation of the FCPA, wire fraud, and aiding and abetting the making of false entries in SSI‘s books and records.

Statoil ASA - Summary of Law Enforcement Action

October 14, 2006, Just Anti-Corruption

Following a series of negotiations with the Iranian official in 2001 and 2002, Statoil entered into a "consulting contract" with an offshore intermediary company. The purpose of that consulting contract—which called for the payment of more than $15 million over 11 years—was to induce the Iranian official to use his influence to assist Statoil in obtaining a contract to develop portions of the South Pars field and to open doors to additional Iranian oil and gas projects in the future.

Bribery of a Senior Iraqi Police Official - Summary of Law Enforcement Action

August 04, 2006, Just Anti-Corruption

Faheem Mousa Salam admitted that in January 2006, while working in Baghdad as a civilian translator for a U.S. army subcontractor, he offered a senior Iraqi police official $60,000 in exchange for the official's assistance in facilitating the purchase of 1,000 armored vests and a sophisticated map printer for a sales price of approximately $1 million.