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BAE to Pay U.S. $400 Million for False Statements

February 05, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The British global defense contractor admitted it had failed to establish an effective anti-corruption program, contrary to what it had said to the Defense and Justice departments.

African Malaise

February 05, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

Yesterday's hearings in Washington about keeping foreign corruption out of the U.S.--especially in the form of African kleptocrats and their enablers--is a good example of what can happen when a muckraking malcontent (Harper's Magazine's Ken Silverstein) writes an article about a little known law that catches the eye of a passionate reformer.

BAE Systems plc - Summary of Law Enforcement Action

February 04, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

On March 1, 2010, BAES pled guilty to the charges filed against it on February 4, 2010. As part of its guilty plea, BAES was sentenced to a criminal fine of $400 million which was the statutory maximum fine.

Another American Hides Assets With UBS, Faces Prison Term

February 04, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The Justice Department is prosecuting Americans for hiding money in the Swiss bank and not reporting their accounts to the IRS.

Afghan Bribes & Trust Funds

February 03, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

What's the difference between a bribe paid in furtherance of a business opportunity--as is prohibited under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act--and a bribe paid in furtherance of a national agenda? Obviously there's an ocean of meaning separating the two, but as the latest solution to fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan--with money, as opposed to guns--shows the biggest variable might just be found in the political rhetoric.

U.S. Says 22 FCPA Defendants Were Part of One Conspiracy

February 03, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

"There's a lot of unknowns, a lot of unknowns," U.S. District Judge Richard Leon said in federal court in Washington, D.C., today.

China's Sensational Corruption Trial

February 03, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

Will a single, albeit captivating public corruption trial slow the steady stream of sensational corruption stories that have come out of China recently?

New Canadian Project Attempts to 'Professionalize' Afghan Customs Service

February 02, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

A new joint U.S.-Canadian venture meant to mentor young Afghan customs officials on revenue collection and drug enforcement and teach them how to avoid taking bribes is up and running, with little fanfare, if much originality.

New Handbook Steers Haitian Aid Clear of Corruption

February 02, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The global corruption watchdog Transparency International is taking a proactive approach to preventing graft in Haiti, where billions in reconstruction aid are susceptible to embezzlement and misuse.

BAE's First Casualty a Consultant

February 01, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

Has the other shoe finally dropped in the Serious Fraud Office's lingering prosecution of BAE Systems, the British defense, security, and aerospace company accused of paying millions in bribes to government officials from Saudi Arabia and other countries?