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FCPA Sting Case Linked to U.N. Corruption

March 18, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

A United Nations anti-corruption task force in 2008 linked now-defunct military supplier Armor Holdings to a bribery scheme for U.N. contracts. A former executive for Armor Holdings has been helping the U.S. build a broader bribery case against representatives of defense contracting firms.

Wachovia Settles With DOJ In Money Laundering Case

March 17, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

Under a deferred prosecution agreement unveiled Wednesday, Wachovia admitted it did not sufficiently monitor for money laundering transactions, which allowed Mexican drug cartels to launder millions of dollars through the bank.

Thornburgh: Prosecutors Threaten Business Liberties

March 17, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The former Attorney General and two other lawyers with a Justice Department background presented the Washington Legal Foundation's special report, "Federal Erosion of Business Civil Liberties."

Innospec Inc. - Summary of Law Enforcement Action

March 17, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

Innospec Inc. - Summary of Law Enforcement Action

Defense Attorneys Pouring Through Bistrong Evidence in FCPA Sting Case

March 16, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

Judge Richard Leon had given prosecutors until March 10 to turn over evidence on their cooperating witness after a number of defense lawyers complained during a Feb. 12 status hearing that they had yet to see such evidence.

Report: DOJ Will Prosecute 43 Stimulus Fraud Cases

March 16, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, which conducts oversight on the use of economic stimulus funding, released its quarterly report Monday.

N.Y. Banker First Defendant Charged with TARP Fraud

March 16, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The former bank president was charged Monday with allegedly trying to fraudulently obtain more than $11 million from the government's bank bailout program.

BAE's Settlement Affecting Government Contracts

March 10, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The company plead guilty earlier this month to defrauding the U.S. government.

Superseding Indictment Clarifies Alleged FCPA Conspiracy

March 07, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The government expanded its case to allege corrupt ammunition deals with the government of Georgia in early 2008. The former Soviet Republic at the time was preparing for an armed conflict with Russia.

FCPA Sting Defendant Will Plead Guilty

March 06, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

A defendant in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act sting case plans to plead guilty to conspiracy and cooperate with the prosecution, his lawyer said Friday.