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The DOJ's 'Fairly Inventive Interpretation' of FCPA

February 15, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

In the wake of the Brtitish defense company BAE Systems' controversial settlement with US and UK anti-bribery agencies, the UK's Times Online has an interesting piece today on the increasingly transnational reach of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Daimler AG to Settle FCPA Charges

February 12, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The German car company Daimler AG has announced it has agreed to pay over $200 million and two subsidiaries will enter guilty pleas to settle Foreign Corrupt Practices Act charges with both the DOJ and SEC.

Technip Sets Aside Millions to Settle FCPA Charges From Nigeria LNG Project

February 12, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

A financial statement made by the French oil industry engineer Technip sheds some light on what appears to be another component of US authorities' continued investigation of the TSKJ consortium in Nigeria.

The General Counsel as Stopgap

February 12, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

One of the less-explored topics related to the DOJ's increased enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is the role of general counsel in corruption investigations: to what end, and how proactively, should gcs participate in ferreting out corruption amid their ranks?

Expert Commentary: The FCPA and Why It Matters

February 11, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

In this period of globalization, many entities other than recognized multinationals are taking the first steps in doing business overseas. For them, a thorough understanding of not onlythe FCPA, but also patterns of SEC and DOJ activity, is necessary to navigate the shoals of enforcement.

Will the Real Anti-Corruption Leaders Please Stand Up?

February 11, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The Atlantic has a fascinating post on the global battle against corruption by Wilmer Hale Senior Counsel Ben W. Heineman Jr., who is also on the board at Transparency International.

Ex-Corruption Chief in Indonesia Convicted of Murder

February 11, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

The head of Indonesia's powerful anti-corruption agency, the KPK, today was found guilty of overseeing the murder of a businessman and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Rio Tinto CEO Speaks on Bribery Charges Against Employees

February 11, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

In the same breath, Rio Tinto CEO Tom Albanese expresses subtle concerns for his colleagues' well-being, and a not so subtle affirmation of his company's intent to pursue future business dealings with China, its largest customer.

U.S. Identifies Russian 'Nexus' of Organized Crime

February 11, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

It's not terrorism. But the suspected ties between Russia's government, its oligarchs and criminal enterprises represent an insidious threat to Western interests, U.S. analysts have concluded.

Virginia Man Pleads Guilty to FCPA Violations

February 10, 2010, Just Anti-Corruption

A Virginia businessman pleaded guilty to bribing former Panamanian government officials.