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Orthopedics Manufacturer Reaches Deal with DOJ

February 06, 2012, Just Anti-Corruption

The possible FCPA violations stem from a 2010 incident in which an employee of a Mexican subsidiary allegedly made improper payments to a Mexican governmental health care entity.

Dutch Freight Manager Admits to Iranian Shipments

February 06, 2012, Just Anti-Corruption

A Dutch shipper pleaded guilty Monday to violating U.S. export law by helping ship goods from New Jersey to Iran.

Smith & Nephew Settles Charges of Bribery in Greece

February 06, 2012, Just Anti-Corruption

Smith & Nephew plc is Europe's largest maker of artificial hips and knees. The investigation is part of an ongoing U.S. probe into alleged foreign bribery by medical device manufacturers.

The 'Next Siemens?' Maybe Not, Swiss Settlement with Alstom Suggests

February 03, 2012, Just Anti-Corruption

Switzerland’s corruption probe Alstom S.A. sparked copycat investigations of the French engineering giant around the globe. But the Swiss effort fizzled.

Government Wants Leniency in Latin Node FCPA Sentencing

February 02, 2012, Just Anti-Corruption

The government has requested a 40 percent sentence reduction for three defendants involved in bribing Honduran officials for telecommunications business.

Qualcomm Under FCPA Investigation

February 02, 2012, Just Anti-Corruption

The chip maker disclosed the investigation Wednesday in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. UPDATED at 1:40 p.m. EST with a statement from Qualcomm.

Democratic Senators Urge SEC To Write Strong Extractive Industries Rule

February 01, 2012, Just Anti-Corruption

Five Democratic senators are urging the SEC to require companies to disclose payments companies make to countries for oil, gas and minerals.

Government Exceeded Statute of Limitations in FCPA Case, Defendants Argue

February 01, 2012, Just Anti-Corruption

A Florida telecommunications company charged with foreign bribery is arguing that the Justice Department exceeded the statute of limitations when it filed a second superseding indictment.

Mistrial in FCPA Sting Case

January 31, 2012, Just Anti-Corruption

The judge in a foreign bribery trial in Washington, D.C., federal court has declared a mistrial after the jury reported it had deadlocked. UPDATED with juror vote counts 3:34 p.m. EST UPDATED with statements from attorneys 6:32 p.m. EST

Mexico Lost $872 Billion to Crime, Corruption Over Four Decades, Study Finds

January 30, 2012, Just Anti-Corruption

A report by Global Financial Integrity tracked illicit financial flows out of Mexico from 1970 to 2010.