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FCPA Blogs Round-Up: Ex-Congressman's Appeal Delayed Again

August 08, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit will not review William Jefferson's case until at least late October.

Shell Implies SEC Is Off-Base on Cost of Extractive Industries Disclosure Rules

August 05, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

Shell said that the new rule, which requires drilling and mining companies to disclose all payments they make to governments, including foreign ones, would cost the company "tens of millions of dollars."

Jury Convicts Two in Haiti Teleco Scheme

August 05, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

A federal jury found two Florida businessmen guilty on all counts. The government had accused them of bribing government officials in Haiti in exchange for preferred rates for their telecom firm.

FCPA Blogs Round-Up: Levin and Grassley Trying Again

August 04, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

Two veteran senators vow to try again to gain passage of a bill aimed at shell companies and those who use them.

Judge Resets Trial Schedule for FCPA Sting Cases

August 04, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

Pre-trial proceedings in the case dragged on for nearly 18 months. The final trial group will have waited two-and-a-half years for a day in court when its trial starts in May 2012.

Magyar Telekom Spent $3 Million on FCPA Probe in First Half of Year

August 04, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

The Hungarian company is in talks with U.S. authorities to resolve a foreign bribery investigation.


August 04, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

Kirkland FCPA partner to Shanghai

Chamber Lobbyists Held Fundraisers for Key Lawmakers in FCPA Push

August 03, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

The Institute for Legal Reform, the Chamber's legal advocacy arm, has made an expensive and high-profile effort to amend the foreign bribery law.

Bruker Corporation Opens FCPA Probe After Receiving Anonymous Tip

August 03, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

The probe is looking into whether Bruker employees in China made payments that violated the foreign bribery law.

Judge Allows Thai Citizens to Fight FCPA-Related Indictment from Abroad

August 02, 2011, Just Anti-Corruption

The ruling comes as a blow to Justice Department’s heightened efforts to pursue the beneficiaries of corruption, and highlights the unique legal challenges posed by them. UPDATED: 8:11 p.m.