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Supreme Court of Canada looks to balance World Bank immunity, due process concerns

Supreme Court of Canada looks to balance World Bank immunity, due process concerns

Canadian prosecutors joined the World Bank to appeal a decision by the Ontario Superior Court, which in December 2014 ordered the Bank to turn over documents from an investigation into SNC-Lavalin. Just Anti-Corruption obtained a redacted transcript of oral arguments held in November.

The FCPA Docket

The FCPA Docket

In the latest round-up of FCPA news, US Democrats seek to instigate a foreign bribery probe into British American Tobacco, and a Manhattan judge denies a diplomatic immunity claim by a suspended deputy UN ambassador accused of helping to bribe a former General Assembly president.

  • IRS-CI Chief Richard Weber defends agency's priorities

    IRS-CI Chief Richard Weber defends agency's priorities

    Some prominent tax experts are waving a yellow card at the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation arm.

  • Rakoff certifies class in Petrobras shareholder litigation

    Petrobras will be up against two groups of investors in shareholder litigation over its ongoing corruption scandal after Manhattan Judge Jed Rakoff ordered certification of class.

  • The FCPA Docket

    Our latest round-up of FCPA news, court-filings and documents brings you a DOJ declination, a DPA dismissal, and requests for letters rogatory in the Petrobras class action.

  • The FCPA Docket

    A round-up of the latest FCPA news, court-filings and documents, including Weatherford International’s DPA and more.

Editor's picks

Garcia judge casts cold eye at FCPA, but embraces white-collar deterrence

U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer of the Northern District of California is, in his own words, “not a great fan” of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Rudy Giuliani says FCPA enforcement too focused on 'technicalities'

In an interview with GIR Just Anti-Corruption, the former New York City mayor said corporate America had gotten the message with respect to bribing foreign officials and should be treated fairly when they discover potential misconduct.

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