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Investigator's Guide to Canada


The Investigator's guide to Canada

After years of inactivity, Canada’s enforcers are now busier than ever. From corporate liability to the threat of debarment, Tom Webb finds out what keeps Canadian investigations specialists awake at night.

Other Highlights

Gilles Michaud: Foreign bribery, debarment and always finding a way to investigate

Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud heads the National Division of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which investigates breaches of Canada’s foreign corruption legislation. Tom Webb spoke to him in the National Division’s headquarters in Ottawa to see what’s keeping the division busy.

Canada's investigations bar

Canadian enforcement agencies have ramped up their enforcement in recent years, boosting demand for investigations and compliance advice for businesses across the country. Tom Webb went to Toronto to meet the law firms that can guide their clients through the thorniest of investigations.

Canada SC sets a higher bar for enforcement agencies to overcome privilege claims

Two decisions by Canada’s highest court have confirmed that demands by government agencies for the production of documents over which claims of privilege have been made must be based on explicit language in the relevant legislation.

World Bank immune from discovery requests, Canada’s Supreme Court rules

Canada’s highest court has ruled that the World Bank does not have to turn over documents from a corruption investigation into construction company SNC-Lavalin to defendants fighting related foreign bribery charges.

Canada’s reformed debarment rules are still too harsh, say lawyers

Canada has softened its automatic debarment rules for foreign bribery, but the reforms probably won't help SNC-Lavalin in its unresolved corruption case.

Canada decision may force World Bank to reduce cooperation

The Bank had been expanding its sharing of information with national law enforcement authorities pursuing corruption cases, said the Integrity Vice Presidency's Stephen Zimmermann.

Canada's Foreign Bribery Law Ineffective, Enforcement Lax, OECD Says

Canada must overhaul law and enforcement, OECD says.

Canada investigates whistleblower claims of bribery at mining company

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating Canadian mining company MagIndustries, after one of its former employees said his bosses bribed Republic of Congo officials to win approvals tied to a C$1.5 billion potash mine development project, newly unsealed documents reveal.

Canada court clarifies corporate sentencing

A Canadian court has declined to factor in senior management’s ignorance of misconduct while setting a corporate fine.

Griffiths Canada foreign bribery settlement sparks reputation lawsuit

A former ambassador to Canada has sued a company and counsel connected to the Griffiths Energy International foreign bribery case, after the company claimed he had accepted bribes.